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Multifandom Challenge: Small and Fuzzy During an Apocalypse

It's spring! The sun is shining, the birds are nesting, and I don't have to wear 20 layers to go outside. I love spring. You know what spring makes me think of? Bunnies. And puppies! And the end of the world (nothing like a springtime apocalypse, I always say).

So - isn't spring a great time to have a Small and Fuzzy During an Apocalypse Challenge? I think yes! Although, it's possible I have a vested interest.

This challenge is about fuzzy (and possibly small) creatures and an end of the world scenario (or a post-apocalyptic one). How you include small fuzzy creatures is up to you! It could be in passing (Daniel mentions a legend involving puppies of the apocalypse?); they could be central to the story (zoonotic infections, anyone?); penguins could take over the world. So many possibilities! Funny or grim, whatever strikes your fancy. Go nuts!

For more information (including about where to post fic/links so I can compile a masterlist), please go here!

Challenge will close next Monday, April 2nd (I'm not going to post a time - if it's still Monday, April 2nd somewhere, that's good enough for me).

I'm crossposting on some of the communities that I'm on, but if anyone wants to post it elsewhere/pimp on their own journals, please, please, please do!


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