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[ profile] iamsab steered me this way. Said you guys liked ending the world. I've got a little something you might be interested in. About 1100 words, Due South, Fraser/Kowalski, teddy bears, Ring Dings, and the Chicago phone book:

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Here's my first Stargate fic, cross-posted from my LJ. It's rather dark and graphic, and it's apocafic, of course. *g* It was written for the Metamorphosis challenge.

Title: Descent
Author: Evangeline1138
Rating: NC-17
Characters: S/D, S/J, S/T
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Words: approx. 2720

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Thunder Follow Me
by cofax
Rating: R for violence.
Summary: The prisoners would go dig out more of the mountain now, and tomorrow they'd get up and do it again, and maybe Daniel wouldn't have to watch anyone die.
Notes: Apocafic, AU, part of the This is Not Wartime series, although it can be read on its own. 13,000 words.

Find it here.
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I have a question for the mods, and was wondering if there was a way to email them or get in touch with them outside of just posting in the community. If anyone knows how to make that happen, or if the mods see this and could comment in this post I would be forever grateful!

Western Alliance: A Jeremiah RPG )
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I started this back in May as an entry to The Day After Tomorrow weather-apocalypse challenge. It's...a little late, and quite a bit longer than the 1,000-word minimum. Takes place after S5's "Last Stand." All bets are off from there.

We Have Met the Enemy
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One of the Four Horsemen gets unleashed upon the entire globe in this story; that counts as apocalypse, right?

The summary: In the aftermath of her discovery at Wittenburg, Sydney's relationship with Jack is more strained than ever before. But as the stakes rise and Sloane's ultimate endgame is finally revealed, father and daughter unite to prevent devastation.

The warnings: "Irenicon" contains spoilers through the end of Alias Season Three, up to the episode "Resurrection." The story is rated NC-17 for explicit heterosexual content and violence. No shortage of character death here, though to say who and when would spoil many surprises. The story's main pairings are Jack/Irina, Syd/Weiss and Vaughn/Nadia; other pairings touched on within the story: Jack/Katya, Syd/Vaughn and Sloane/Barnett.

The link: "Irenicon"

Crossposting to a handful of other lists. Hope you enjoy!
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Hey there, this is my first time posting here as well as my first real stab at an apocalyptic-type fic.  the fandom is Farscape, the setting is way way post s4, the word count is 888.  Hope you like it. This one is for Kazbaby, who gave me something to write.

But A Whimper )


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Apocalypsefic, huzzah! I see others were sharing their crossover death-a-thons, and mine never made it into the official challenge listing because I only found out about it too late (woe!), so maybe you haven't seen it and I'd like to share if I may:

(DAT/Neverending Story)
(yes, really)
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Cross-posted from my lj (and tweaked, just a little), my very first stargate fic. Apocalypse-style, about 630 words.

Bleed )
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Farscape this time. 919 words. With apologies to Stephen King, who did the end of the world so very well. Very post Season 4, but minimal spoilers.

Weasels in the Woodshed )

Pax et Lux

Aug. 18th, 2004 12:17 pm
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Buffy, but post-Angel apocalyptic. PG. 1259 words about alone.

Pax et Lux )
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You'd think the apocalypse had come and gone with how quiet everyone's been, and so, I'm proud to present the Second Apocalypse Later Challenge!

Entries should be between 200 and 1500 words (but it's not as if we'll count the words and disqualify you if it's over, under, or through the woods), any fandom is fair game, and today the end of the world is brought to you by the topic: Alone.

You've got a week. Post to this journal, remember that cut-tags are your friend, and have fun!
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Debuted at Vividcon Premiere vid show.

Fandom: Jeremiah
Song: "I Am The Highway"
Artist: Audioslave
Size: 20MB (Windows Media Player)
Summary: A lonely journey through a post-apocalyptic world.

Site: (password required, instructions on site)
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My first post to this community. *waves* Here's my response to the Power challange.

Title: Sagacity
Author: Cyloran
Rating: PG
Characters: Kurdy, Mister Smith
Fandom: Jeremiah (season 2)
Words: 1,729

Sagacity )
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Title: Devastating Velocity
Fandom: The West Wing
Pairing: Josh/Donna
Rating: NC17
Spoilers: None
Summary: A meteor is going to hit Earth. Clearly, Josh and Donna must have sex.
A/N: It's called apoca-smut, was written at a friend's request, and has no redeeming social value.

Devastating Velocity )
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i am constantly amazed at how little end of the world buffy or angel fics there are. i needed to be sure this really qualified as an apocalyptic fic. didn't wanna do joss any disservice, you know.

this is buffy and giles and the end of the world.

but then his father dies and his slayer arrives on his doorstep with a head full of dreams )
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Hi. My first time posting here. But, as I'm on the apocafic band wagon, I figured I'd better play my fiddle.

Author: Salieri
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Title: March
Warnings: kinda grim--there's a surprise
Disclaimer: the characters belong to MGM/UA, Double Secret, Gekko etc. etc. I mean no harm, I come in peace, I make no money and I'll return them unharmed in their original packaging.

March )
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Because [ profile] troyswann wanted to see it, I'm posting my one and only attempt at apocofic. It never got off the ground because I have sworn that I will never again write a novel length story and that's what it would take to do this one right. So you can blame her for this. Unbetaed so read at your own risk.

apocofic snippet )
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