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Name:Archive of LJ comm Apocalypse_latr
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Welcome to the LJ community dedicated to the proposition that fic is good, and fic involving the end of the world, and what happened after, is even better. In other words, this is the Support Group for Post-Apocalyptic Fic (::cough:: Junkies).

All fandoms are welcomed (except for My Little Pony: we do have standards, you know). Feel free to post links to recommended stories, start discussions, and so forth.

Current fandoms we expect to hear from are: The X-Files (of course), Farscape, Jeremiah, Odyssey 5, Stargate, Trek, V, Alien(s), X-Men, Harry Potter, the Buffyverse, and so forth. Please add some more.

The moderators of this community are cofax7 and sorlklewis. Other information is subject to change without notice.

Thanks muchly to the fabulous fialka for supplying us with an Earth shattering icon.
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